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Die „Helden“ des „Antiimperialismus“

August 26, 2011


Die sogenannten „Antiimperialisten“ sind selbst die glühendsten Anhänger der größten Imperialisten des letzten Jahrhunderts.

Halb-Europa war unter Stalins imperialer Kontrolle.

Und Gaddafi hatte seine Vasallen im Tschad, in Tansania, in Burkina Faso, in der Zentralafrikanischen Republik und in Liberia:

Gaddafi ran a school near Benghazi called the World Revolutionary Center (WRC), where he gave military training to foreign leaders who shared ideological similarities with him.[92] Blaise Compaoré of Burkina Faso and Idriss Déby of Chad were graduates of this school, and are currently in power in their respective countries.[93] Gaddafi trained and supported Charles Taylor of Liberia, Foday Sankoh, the founder of Revolutionary United Front, Jean-Bédel Bokassa, the Emperor of the Central African Empire.,[94][95] and Mengistu Haile Mariam of Ethiopia.[95] Gaddafi intervened militarily in the Central African Republic in 2001 to protect his ally Ange-Félix Patassé from overthrow. Patassé signed a deal giving Libya a 99-year lease to exploit all of that country’s natural resources, including uranium, copper, diamonds, and oil.[92] He also sent troops to fight against Tanzania on behalf of Idi Amin and lost 600 Libyan soldiers defending Amin’s collapsing regime.[94]

Gaddafis neue Residenz?

August 26, 2011