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Why had Covid started in Wuhan? Why had AIDS started in NY and California?

Januar 24, 2023

If a laboratory accident could be proven to be the reason for the corona pandemic, not only Chinese researchers but also the scientific establishment in the USA would be held accountable, especially since the „gain-of-function“ research in the Chinese „Wuhan Institute for Virology “ presumably hab been funded by Dr. Fauci-led US National Institutes of Health through the EcoHealth Alliance. Because of this, the laboratory theory has been condemned as „unscientific“ from the start, while efforts are still being made to make transmission by a natural zoonosis seem „scientifically probable“.

In the case of SARS-CoV-1, the intermediate host from which the transmission to humans had taken place was discovered after just a few months. Since this intermediate host could not be found this time, direct transmission without an intermediate host is probably the more likely option. There are up to 40,000 „wet markets“ in China selling animals, but only one WIV that collected bats for research into corona viruses.

Like SARS-CoV-2, HIV originates from an animal virus. As with Corona, it is unclear how the chimpanzee virus really got to New York and California, where it was first noticed in 1981.

With AIDS the wilderness theory has prevailed, according to which AIDS would have jumped to humans through Central African bush hunters and would then have been spread to the USA via Haiti.

The Haiti-Zaire-hypothesis, which has become the official theory, doesn’t convince me for many reasons. AIDS until the middle of the 1980s was only slightly widespread in Africa. For the period from 1959 to the late 1970s, only 3 samples were found (2 of them by Michael Worobey) that were proven to contain HIV. And even in the early 1980s, only very few HIV-positive blood samples were subsequently discovered in Africa.

When a mysterious disease of the immune system among homosexuals was noticed in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles in 1981, the first suspicion, for very understandable reasons, fell on an experimental hepatitis B vaccination campaign that was carried out from 1978 to 1980 with 1,038 homosexuals as a voluntary test group.

That (first and only) plasma vaccine in history was made from the plasma of homosexuals suffering from hepatitis, precisely from the blood of the first AIDS risk group (which was of course still unknown at the time). Research with chimpanzees played a central role in the development of the vaccine.

Despite the outbreak of AIDS among American homosexuals in the US metropolises of Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York, as a head of the NIH, Fauci immediately pointed the finger at Haiti to divert suspicion of a vaccination experiment that had been funded by his own agency.

Fauci claimed at minute 31 that Zaire (now Congo) had the same AIDS rate as then San Francisco. True, this statement is not literally wrong. In fact, in 1984 a figure of 5,000 infected people in the Congo was assumed. But just as much for the entire Congo as for San Francisco alone. Fauci’s testimony, however, created the impression (presumably deliberately) that all of Congo was like the AIDS hotspot of San Francisco.

According to a Michael Worobey study, the Haiti thesis was allegedly confirmed by the molecular structure of 5 HIV samples from 1982 Haitian immigrants. However, there are no older samples from Haiti to actually show that the Haitian HIV strain should be older than the American one. In fact, molecules cannot tell what country they came from unless older samples can be found to refer to. The oldest American samples do not come from Haitians, but from US participants in the 1978 hepatitis study. But with his calculations the young scientific Michael Worobey played exactly the music the scientific establishment wanted to hear at the time.

It is true that older HIV infections were actually detected later in the Congo (2 of the 3 detected by Michael Worobey). However, it is by no means certain whether these HIV infections were natural precursors to the American epidemic. Until the emergence of AIDS in the United States, there were only unnoticed sporadic cases in Africa.

AIDS only became a pandemic in Africa in the late 1980s. And not in the Congo, but in southern Africa, where the plasma vaccine (after sales in the USA had stopped in 1985) was distributed to African children as a “gift of Merck“ until the mid-1990s.

There is another very strong argument against early unnoticed contagion in Haiti. A plasma center for the American market was operated in Haiti in the 1970s. Plasma donors were members of the typical AIDS risk groups. If Haiti had been infected in the 1970s, American hemophiliacs (rather than homosexuals) would have been the first at-risk group as recipients of Haitian plasma donations.

Even well-known (at that time still objective) media such as the Washington Post assumed that Haitians were infected by American sex tourists and not vice versa, since AIDS in Haiti initially affected people with homosexual contacts and only over the years has an African pattern with mainly heterosexual infections.

It wasn’t just the Haitians, who were believed to have been infecting American sex tourists in the late 1970s, who were hit hard, but the homosexuals themselves, who had served as guinea pigs in a scientific experiment and subsequently contracted an extremely stigmatizing „own fault“ disease.

Why weren’t homosexual associations vehemently demanding information about the vaccination campaign, which was suspected at the beginning as cause for the new disease?

The homosexual associations, which were very young at the time, were heavily involved in the series of experimental HBV-vaccinations and viewed and supported the campaign as a noble and good project for the benefit of the young community, which was still heavily discriminated against. They had been made into accomplices who didn’t dare question the good cause they were committed to along with the nice doctors.

Here we are back in the present. Anyone who has campaigned for the vaccination or even enforced it with coercive measures can hardly turn back, even if they themselves should become a victim. Like the homosexual organizations in the HBV vaccine experiment, our establishment has been made an accomplice. Should our corona vaccination experiment go wrong like the HBV vaccination experiment, our establishment would probably react in a similar way to how the homosexual associations reacted to HIV.